Best World Championship Hockey Betting Guide

Best World Championship Hockey Betting Guide

Hockey ranks fourth among the major sports in terms of betting volume, but it has a devoted fan base that may entice the casual sports bettor looking for something different. Learning how to bet on hockey could help you enjoy betting for the duration of the NHL season.

Hockey Betting Markets – How to Bet on Hockey World Championship Online

When a customer clicks into a hockey game, three different betting options appear, similar to how three different betting options appear when a customer clicks into a baseball game. A money line wager, a puck line wager, and a total goals wager are all available.

Hockey Money Line Wagers – Hockey Moneyline Betting

The Montreal Canadiens, for example, are the home team (usually listed at the bottom), and the Minnesota Wild are the road team.

The Wild is a -210 favorite, which means that for every $100 wagered on the Wild, the player must risk $210. Wagering on the Canadiens at +175 means that the customer will win $175 for every $100 wagered.

Puck Line Hockey Wagers – How to Bet on Hockey

A hockey puck line is a goal spread, similar to a baseball run line. Puck line wagers are based on a 1.5 goal spread, with bettors having the option of laying 1.5 goals with the favorite or taking 1.5 goals with the underdog.

If the Canadiens are favored by +1.5 goals at odds of -145, bettors will win their wager whether the Canadiens win or lose by one goal. If bettors on the Wild take -1.5 goals at +122 odds, he or she wins if the Wild win by more than one goal. In this case, a $100 bet would return $122.

Total Goals Betting in Hockey

The Wild have 6.5 goals against the Canadiens. This figure represents the total number of goals scored by both teams, including any overtime. If there are seven (7) or more goals scored in the game, a customer will win $100 for every $135 wagered (-135 odds).

If a customer chooses the ‘under,’ he or she will win $115 for every $100 wagered (+115 odds) if there are six (6) or fewer goals scored in the game. To avoid a push scenario, customers will typically find total goal lines with a half-goal involved.

In the event of a shootout, the winner is awarded one goal, which is considered in determining the winner and loser and counts toward the game total.

How to Bet on Hockey – Hockey Betting in 60 Minutes

Like the money line market, but with the addition of a draw option. Because the draw market is involved, the pricing differs slightly from money line. This market includes only the results of three (3) periods and excludes overtime.

With the tie option, the odds on either team are greater than the money line, but come with the risk of the game going to overtime.

More Hockey Betting Options

Hockey Betting by Period

Each period includes the same traditional markets discussed previously, as well as prop bets tied to a specific period of the hockey game. There is a 1st period money line, 1st period puck line, and 1st period total goals market that is identical to the above, but only for the first period.

These are also available for the second and third periods. Other period markets include first-period both teams to score, first-period race to two (2) goals, first-period correct score, first-period goals odd/even, and others. These extra markets are also available for the second and third periods.

Hockey Player Prop Markets

It’s no surprise that fans enjoy scoring and points in all sports, so ‘goal’ markets are among the most popular hockey betting prop markets. Two of the most popular are who scores the first goal and who scores the first goal.

Most of the well-known names in an NHL game will have stat props attached to them, allowing a customer to wager an over/under bet on their total number of goals, assists, and points for the game.

For example, the over/under total points for Mats Zuccarello can be listed as over 1.5 (+152) and under 1.5. (-214). Other player-driven prop hockey bets include total power play points, total shots, total assists, total saves, and whether either team’s goalie will record a shutout.

Markets for Team Prop Hockey

Customers can place wagers on how only one of the two teams playing performs instead of placing wagers on both teams. There is a total goals market for each team that is independent of the other team.

A customer, for example, can bet on Wild total goals, Wild goal in each period (yes/no), Wild total goals odd/even, and other options. If a customer is more interested in team-driven prop hockey wagers, there are markets such as winning margin (Wild to win by 3 goals or more, for example), both teams to score (yes/no), 60 minutes correct score, method of victory (Wild to win in 60 minutes, overtime, or a shootout), will there be overtime, will there be a shootout, and so on.

Wagers on Grand Salami Hockey

Don’t like a certain game? A Grand Salami wager is essentially a totals wager on the total number of goals scored across all games played on a given day.

For example, if eight (8) games are played in a day, the Grand Salami total will most likely be between 40 and 50 goals.

Where Can I Place Online Hockey Bets?

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